We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience, as well as on providing a personalised and comprehensive level of service for clients.

Loan Documents and Mortgage Settlement

From full mortgage documentation and settlement to high volume discharges, Purcell Partners delivers a superior customer experience focused on accuracy, efficiency, and quick turnaround of settlement. 

Through our strategic partnership with DocuSign, we deliver e-signing capabilities via our Xpress Docs integration, backed by DocuSign which is fully integrated in LEXTECH. 

At the forefront of legislative change, we have quickly adapted to allow Individual Guarantors to execute electronically and are ready to roll out a full digital signing experience for Companies and SMSFs once legislation has passed Federal Parliament. 

With Purcell Partners, you have comfort in knowing that our intelligently integrated services provide the security you need as a lender, while knowing that your borrower will have an efficient and painless signing experience.

Default and Mortgage Debt Recovery

At Purcell Partners, our experienced lawyers manage default events that enable you to monitor and recover debt easily and efficiently.  

Backed by a team of legal default specialists, our experienced solicitors provide a service designed to support effective communication between all parties. 

Our highly informed and rigorous process achieves a successful outcome for all.

We are experienced in all aspects of default and mortgage debt recovery, including but not limited to:

  • Preparation of Default/Statutory Notices for all Jurisdictions and service of Default Notices
  • Negotiation
  • Initiating court proceedings
  • Obtaining default judgements
  • Obtaining the necessary orders for a mortgagee-in-possession sale


When buying or selling a property, conveyancing requires professional legal advice and solicitors to ensure the transaction runs smoothly.

At Purcell Partners, our experienced lawyers facilitate the transaction and handle all your conveyancing needs, from start to finish. This includes the care, preparation, execution, verification, and lodgement of all essential documentation. Our lawyers will provide you with quality service and guide you through to settlement in a simplified and transparent way. 

We are experienced in all aspects of residential & commercial conveyancing including: 

  • Houses
  • Units
  • Flats & Apartments
  • Residential and Off-the-plan
  • Carparks
  • Small Lot Residential Subdivisions
  • Large Development Projects

Borrower & Guarantor Legal Advice

It is now a common requirement of banks/lenders that a guarantor or borrower receive independent legal advice prior to executing guarantee, loan, and mortgage documents. In doing so, the solicitor providing the advice must sign a Legal Advice Certificate confirming the advice provided.

This certificate provides the bank with assurance that the guarantee, loan, and mortgage documents have been willingly executed by the parties having received legal advice on the full force and effect of the loan and that the executing party is aware of their obligations. 

If you are considering acting as the guarantor of someone’s loan or would like advice as a borrower, it is imperative that you obtain independent legal advice before you sign the document. 

Purcell Partners will review your guarantee, loan and mortgage documents and advise you on the implications specific to your situation, providing a solicitor's certificate in appropriate cases once the advice has been provided. 

Purcell Partners does not help in negotiating with financiers and third parties. 

What do you need to do to obtain independent legal advice? 

There are several steps that a Guarantor or Borrower should take to assist the Solicitor in providing adequate advice. These include: 

  1. Provide not just the guarantee document, but all documents relating to the borrowing or other arrangements prior to your meeting. This gives the solicitor the opportunity to review the documents and fully understand the matters on which the solicitor is being asked to advise
  2. Bring 100 points of identification to the meeting for verification of identity 
  3. Ensure the parties are receiving independent advice if required - only the necessary parties are to attend the meeting. If you have any questions about who should attend, please contact us beforehand.

Private Lending Solutions

We frequently work with bespoke private lenders who require a specialised lending experience, incorporating our ability to efficiently settle while ensuring the highest legal protections for your investor.

We tailor our documents and processes for you to deliver mortgages of differing priority depending on the requirement for your investor and borrower.

With Purcell Partners, you can be sure the risk involved to your investor is managed effectively.