LEXTECH is an on-demand cloud-based platform designed to make settlements faster and easier. Accessible by users at any time, on any device and from anywhere, LEXTECH creates a platform with total transparency to ensure that all parties in a loan transaction can receive the most up-to-date information, removing traditionally slow and arduous communication methods.

Innovation and Technology

LEXTECH is a synergy of cutting-edge technology drawing on over 25+ years of industry experience. It is the innovation of Simon Purcell, the Founder and Director of Purcell Partners, a legal firm servicing the banking and finance industry since 1996. From its inception in 2004, LEXTECH has allowed Purcell Partners to assist lenders, borrowers, solicitors and brokers, to seamlessly manage and settle over 100,000 mortgage transactions Australia-wide.

A Collaborative Workspace

Use LEXTECH’s collaborative workspace to converse with parties to efficiently sign electronic loan documents, to record and share information, and to allow borrowers to track the progress of their loans with confidence.

Parties receive real time updates, record information, upload files and sign loan documents electronically via XPRESS DOCS, all whilst collaborating and communicating in LEXTECH's secure and auditable workspace.

Software Features

LEXTECH’s automated processes, total transparency and focus on shared knowledge form the key ingredients to speeding up turnaround times and achieving the elusive same-day settlement.

With LEXTECH, lenders and their clients receive:

Automated population of instructions and data
Automated verification of identity
Title, company and PPSR searches
Electronic documentation
Electronic signing
Insurance generation
Electronic settlement
Total transparency with checklists and important dates
Instant messaging technology
Integrated email generation
Shared workspaces
Documentation sharing and storing
Accessibility without any burdensome technology installations

An on-demand cloud-based platform designed to make settlements faster and easier.